Hatha Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

All of our yoga lessons follow a similar pattern. They start and finish with relaxation, they include a warm up, breathing exercises to oxygenate the muscles and brain, and a series of asanas or poses. In all cases, the feel good factor is paramount.

When yoga is advertised it is usually a hatha yoga class. It is by far the most common and has spread quickly in recent years.

After a brief warm up and breathing phase, there are a number of asanas which are each usually held for a minute or so.

It strengthens and tones muscles, lubricates joints and improves suppleness and flexibility.

It is good for the heart and promotes resistance to illness.

Yin Yoga

Whereas Kundalini yoga can be thought of as a very vigorous form of yoga, yin yoga may be considered at the other extreme.

Poses or asanas are held for up to 5 minutes at a time and focus is on the sensations in the stretching of the muscles or the flexibility of the joints. It is a very gentle way of improving health and making giant strides in suppleness and poise.

About Our Courses

What do I need?

All you need for your first lesson is comfortable clothing, You may want to bring your own  mat and a blanket for the relaxation but the mat is provided.

However, mats can be bought for under £10 in many of the supermarkets. If you intend to continue you will probably want to get your own.

The blanket is used to keep warm during the important relaxation phase before and afterwards.

Make sure you are not wearing anything that will restrict your movement. That may include tight  belts and some types of jewellery.

Do not eat for an hour before your session and do not eat a large meal for 2 to 3 hours before your yoga session.

Additional items such as cushions, blocks and straps for example may be useful extras to use at home but will not be an essential part of your yoga lesson.

From 16 to 79+, everyone is welcome to all forms of yoga.

Common to all

Kundalini yoga is generally a much more rigorous form of yoga than hatha. It has all the same benefits and can be a good cardio-vascular workout.

While it involves relaxation before and after it also incorporates strong breathing exercises and rapid movement in and out of  a particular position or pose.

It has been described as “yoga with attitude!”

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