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There is a regular pattern of :

a) settling down and self-awareness routine (5 mins)

b)  warm up exercises (10 minutes)

c) breath work (pranayama) (5 mins)

d) general flexibility, strength and toning poses (30 min)

e) water break (10 mins)

F) theme or  main pose (15 min)

G)) relaxation (usually yoga nidra) (15 mins)

     The Oddies - 9:45am till 11:15am   

     Union Street, just off Middleton Road,


Sessions include a range of poses or asanas covering the various aspects, e.g.:


Standing asanas including those that develop balance and poise

Sitting asanas


Prone and supine asanas


Inversions e.g. can be as simple as lying on the floor with feet resting up on the wall


Flowing sequences

However, there is often a focus on one or two particular poses which are examined in more detail.