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I became interested in yoga in the early 80s. I have used aspects of it since then and really took it up seriously in 2005. My studies had been mainly in hatha yoga until I took an in-depth Kundalini Yoga Teacher course throughout 2009. Towards the latter half of 2010 I started learning about yin yoga. I practice some form of yoga every day.

Perhaps the most important event which encouraged my regular practice was the experience of watching my mother’s decline with Altzheimer’s disease. While not promising a cure, I am convinced that yoga can make a serious difference to the progression of such ageing diseases. For those who have similar concerns I thoroughly recommend yoga and in particular “Brain Longevity” by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

I have some background in Science having spent 35 years teaching it in secondary schools. The reports from tests and the biological basis for the exercises has impressed me. I feel healthier and fitter and more mentally alert from my performance of the daily exercises. At various stages in my life I have been involved with other sports and exercise routines. I have played rugby and football, trained for athletics and  worked regularly with weights. At one stage I was running 35+ miles a week and completed many long distance running events and marathons. These have all brought benefits but some have brought injuries as well. None have been as effective as yoga in influencing my general sense of health and well-being. Injuries are almost unknown and tend only to occur when people are trying too hard.

“You know that feeling you get when you waken up in the morning and realise it is a holiday.

You feel good and you enjoy a big stretch in bed.

That’s the pleasant feeling you should aim for when doing many yoga poses.

Yoga should be a real pleasure, never a pain or a competition.”

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